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Who we are


Municipality of Siniscola

Owner body

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Ceas of Saint Lucia

Management body


We are two professionals in the environmental education sector, who since 2007 with passion and determination have implemented environmental education programs in schools of all levels, studied and monitored the coastal system of the dunes of Capo Comino, designed and created excursion itineraries and created events to disseminate the culture of correct use of the territory.

We are also good at organizing events, exhibitions, historical excursions
nature trails, guided visits to caves and school camps.

Knowledge and training

Our nourishment is knowledge and continuous training towards new and effective communication approaches that have led us over time to experiences even outside the borders of the island and Italy.


In 2018 we won a scholarship with Erasmus PLUS, which allowed us to attend a course on environmental education in Greece with an in-depth study on marine litter. Extremely formative experience that allowed us to compare ourselves with educators from Greece, Cyprus and Malta.

In 2022, however, we participated in a training course on outdoor training in Barcelona, again with an Erasmus PLUS contribution.

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For the activity carried out in 2009 we received theaccreditation by the Sardinia Region in the SIQUAS system(Sardinia Quality Systems). Accreditation renewed by the Sardinia Region in 2017 for another 5 years.

(Det. N. 1557 rep. N. 12 of 01/26/2017)

The CEAS is networked with all the other CEAS of Sardinia. Since 2017 we have been part of the“Tepilora, Rio Posada and Montalbo” Biosphere Reserve Officetogether with the other CEAS of the territory.


We are part of the IN.FEAS System (Information, Training and Environmental Education Sardinia)
which is a network organization for the construction of a widespread culture and a model of sustainable and responsible society. The primary objective is to promote and organize projects and programmes
dedicated to environmental sustainability education.

The function of the laboratory is mainly aimed at teaching in the school environment and has the inspiration of a feeling as its basic conceptual objective
belonging to nature.


IN.FEAS network

The regional system is a network organization that favors the pursuit of shared objectives of environmental education and sustainability, through actions and initiatives developed in collaboration with the various administrations, bodies, organizations, associations operating in the sector of education for sustainability .

The Centers for Environmental Education and Sustainability (CEAS) are territorial and multifunctional service structures which carry out environmental and sustainability education activities. The Sardinia Region intends to systematize the Environmental Education Centers present in the area and create a network of CEAS that is strategic for the growth of the culture of sustainability in Sardinia.

The CEAS are currently the main observers of local environmental systems, as well as points of reference for the animation and participation of citizens and businesses, activators of good practices and interventions dedicated to environmental education and sustainable local development.

The CEAS are structures of a public nature, as they belong to a municipality or a park body (owner), with private management (managing body).


Currently, both the CEAS accredited and certified by the Region of Sardinia and the CEAS that are not yet accredited are part of the network.


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