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Year 2022

ARPAS Meet the Associations - In-depth seminars "The protection of Posidonia and the problem of beached waste” Organized by ARPAS

Year 2021

Within the projectShe Leadsfunded by the Erasmus + sport program, and involved by the Malik association, we participated in an exchange of experiences in Slovenia and Sardinia with other Slovenian, Serbian and Sardinian guides. During the experience in Sardinia we participated as an intervention to present the Tepilora Rio Posada and Montalbo biosphere reserve at the international seminar "Pathways and protected areas", 29 October 2021.

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Year 2020

Winners of the Erasmus + scholarship aimed at acquiring and applying new communication methods to convey the 17 global goals.

Year 2018

Participation in the Summer School of World Biosphere Reserves. Winners of the Erasmus + scholarship to participate in a higher education course in Greece.

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Year 2018

Participation in the Summer School University in Leonidio in Greece for the candidacy for the Parnon Biosphere Reserve.

Year 2011-2012

regional call for accredited CEAS. The project was carried out together with all the accredited CEAS of the Sardinia Region with the Tavolara AMP as the lead partner. The initiatives were aimed at creating training courses for the CEAS.

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Year 2011

We followed a course on cave teaching organized by the Sardinian Speleological Federation and sponsored by the Provinces of Nuoro, Ogliastra and Carbonia Iglesias.

February 2010

We followed the course for "Designing and managing laboratories with Open Space Technology", organized by the Marine Protected Area of Tavolara and the Higher School of facilitation. Lecturer, Gerardo de Luzenberger.

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May-June 2008

We followed a "Course for environmental educators". The training course was held by the PRACATINAT Consortium (Piedmont) Educational Laboratory on the Environment for a sustainable society. Professor Dr. Giovanni Borgarello. Course promoted and financed by the Province of Nuoro.

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